St Martin de Porres

A Prayer for Humility

God, Who has given us
in Thy Humble Son, our Lord Jesus Christ,
the model of all virtue and perfection,
grant to us the virtue of humility.
We think so little of Thee
because we are so full of self.
We cannot love Thee more until
humility shows us our own nothingness
and makes us rejoice in our
complete dependence upon Thee.

You have given to the world
a glorious apostle of humility,
St Martin de Porres.
Guide us by his example
and strengthen us through his intercessions
in our efforts to conform our hearts
to the humble Heart of Thy Crucified Son.

Renew, O Lord, in these days,
when pride and forgetfulness
of Thee are so widespread,
the wonders which You performed
through Thy humble servant,
Martin de Porres, during his lifetime.

We pray that all the world
may know of St Martin
and of the surpassing value
of the virtue of humility.
Through the same Christ our Lord.


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