Mother Mary

Prayer to Mother Mary for those Suffering with Cancer

Mary, health of the sick,
you brought forth into our world
Jesus Christ, our Divine Healer.
In your caring goodness,
intercede for (mention name),
who is truly in need of miraculous assistance.

If it be God’s will,
I ask this day that the gift of healing
from all forms of cancer be granted to (name).

Comfort him/him during times of anguish,
pain, confusion and despair.
Ask our gracious Savior to grant him/her
physical health, inner peace and patience in suffering.

May God’s healing graces grant (name)
a life of happiness, health and fulfillment here on earth,
and one day the joy of eternal glory in His loving embrace.


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Oh my God! this is such a beautiful prayer that we suffering from breast cancer need today.

May God bless you !!!!

Niya saxena
Niya saxena

please pray for my mother Aruna. she has pancreatic cancer spread to liver and currently undergoing chemotherapy second line treatment. The doctor has said no surgery. pls pray for her recovery from this sickness.By God’s grace she is getting healed..please pray that this evil cancer leaves my mother’s body forever along with all other sickness and she gets recover completely. She has lot of pain pls pray for her.

2 more chemos left after that she has CT scan and tumour test. Pls pray for the reports to normal.


Please pray for my daughter who has throat cancer. If I lose her I don’t know how I can go on. She needs all the prayers now.


Please pray for my son suffering of lung cancer. He is only 23 years.


Please pray for my sister Nancy who was diagnosed with bile cancer and it has invaded her liver causing swelling on her body. Her cancer is aggressive and moving fast. I have faith in God. Please keep her in your prayers that a miracle touches her and healing is done through our father to her doctors who have given up on her.


This is such a comforting prayer. My Mom has cancer. Please pray for healing for her. She is an amazing woman!!

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