Our Lady of Sorrows

Prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows

Our mother of sorrows,
with strength from above you stood by the cross,
sharing in the sufferings of Jesus,
and with tender care you bore him
in your arms, mourning and weeping.

We praise you for your faith,
which accepted the life God planned for you.
We praise you for your hope,
which trusted that God would do great things in you.
We praise you for your love
in bearing with Jesus the sorrows of his passion.

Holy Mary, may we follow your example,
and stand by all your children who need comfort and love.

Mother of God,
stand by us in our trials and
care for us in our many needs.
Pray for us now and at the hour of our death.


Prayer Instruction:

Pray for those in need for personal needs in times of trials of test.

About Prayer:

A prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows to intercede for help in times of trials and need.
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