Portrait of St. Martin de Porres

St. Martin De Porres

Prayer of Petition to St. Martin De Porres

Most humble St. Martin,
whose burning charity embraces all,
but especially those who are sick,
afflicted, or in need,
we turn to thee for help
in our present difficulties
and we implore thee
to obtain for us from God
health of soul and body,
and in particular the favor we now ask …

(mention your petitions).

May we, by imitating thy charity and humility,
find quiet and contentment all our days,
and cheerful submission to God’s holy will
in all the trials and difficulties of life.


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 heavenly father, help me, You knows my pain, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner , I come with a broken heart,. God if you deign, please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me.   

V L Patrick
V L Patrick

For peace and religious unity in the world. To enlighten and guide all the leaders of our world, nation and community For the Pope and all Catholics. For our family and near and dear ones. For our spiritual and temporal wants. For good health and long life. That we may go to Heaven when we die. For success in work and studies. For a happy married life for my daughter and for the good health of her son and parents. For the souls of our dear departed. Thanksgiving for favours received.


pray for my family will have a safe and good night and good night sleep pray for my marriage and family pray for Liz and Scott,Tom and Alysha,Mary and Nate marriages and families pray for health of Gary,Annette,Maizy,Nate,Liz health pray for AF is good babysitter,cleaner,cook,declutter,organizer,driver pray for A.F and family can lose weight,exercise and eat healthy pray for grandkids behaves,health,speech,good students


Pray Charlie my new kitten comes back and into the house and safe and never goes on the road. I miss him terribly

Reply to  Lou

I will pray very hard

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