St Francis Xavier

St. Francis Xavier

A Feast Day Prayer to St. Francis Xavier

Lord Jesus,
You have sent us to proclaim
the Gospel to all nations,
and have promised to
always remain with us.
Look upon this family gathered
on the feast day of St. Francis Xavier.

Pour out the abundance of your Spirit
upon each one of our brothers and sisters
especially on those who are called
to ponder upon the journey made
and to plan what has still to be done,
so that we may offer a more
authentic service to mission.

Grant that we may ever be faithful
to the Gospel and to give an answer
to the hopes which the world
places before your church today.
Stay with us, Lord,
when we gather around
the table of your Bread and your Word,
and when we walk the paths
of the world side by side
with our brothers and sisters.

Grant that we all find ourselves in heaven,
our homeland, after having been members
of the same family on earth.


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