St Joseph

A Morning Offering through St. Joseph

Receive me,
dear and chosen Father,
and the offering of every
movement of my body and soul,
which I desire to present
through thee to my blessed Lord.

Purify all!
Make all a perfect holocaust!
May every pulsation
of my heart be a Spiritual Communion,
every look and thought an act of love,
every action a sweet sacrifice,
every word an arrow of Divine love,
every step an advance toward Jesus,
every visit to Our Lord
as pleasing to God as the errands of Angels,
every thought of thee, dear Saint,
an act to remind thee that I am thy child.

I recommend to thee the occasions
in which I usually fail, particularly

[Mention these]

Accept each little devotion of the day,
though replete with imperfection,
and offer it to Jesus,
Whose mercy will overlook all,
since He regards not so much the gift
as the love of the giver.


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