St Joseph

Memorare to St. Joseph

O most pure spouse
of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
my great protector, Saint Joseph,
that no one ever had recourse
to your protection, or implored your aid
without obtaining relief.
Confiding therefore in your goodness,
I come before you.
Do not turn down my petitions,
foster father of the Redeemer,
but graciously receive them.


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Rafael Gonzalez
Rafael Gonzalez

Most don’t know St.Joseph can intercede all year long not just on his feast day. God shows his love for St. Joseph by only granting him the ability to intercede miracles all year long. It’s time that we bring st Joseph into our families homes. Spread the good news that praying to holy sanctuary family we can also keep together our own families god bless St Joseph St. Mother Mary Jesus Christ and St.John the baptist. (He is also part of the sanctuary family as his cousin. )And god bless you all

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